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NAR has Partnered with PerkSpot!

What is Perkspot? NAR has partnered with this vendor to bring you a wide variety of discounts. Whether you are looking for movie tickets, Electronics or even coupons for groceries, PerkSPot should be your first stop. And, the best part is this website is available wherever you are: work, home, or on the go. Simply:

  • Visit the website,
  • Create an account using your work or personal email address and set your password.

Be sure to add your work and home zip codes to easily find discounts close to you.

Some of our partners include:

National Association of Republicans

Together, we will stand up and fight to make the difference in our countries future for ourselves, and our families for generations to come.  We must keep our country in Republican hands at any cost.

Today, by joining with us, we are one more voice and one more step closer to ensuring that we do!

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